DIY: Concrete washi tape display!

Washi tape is one of my favorite crafting supplies, they are so cute, but also expensive. If you already payed 5 dollars for a tape, why not display it? Here’s a simple, diy way to do it:

You’ll need everything in this picture:

(bowl of water, plastic plate, cement, stick, rubber gloves, acrylic paint, big cube silicone mold, and lollipop stick)

First, you’ll need to mix your cement with water. Add it little by little and mix well. You’ll want a wet, but firm consistency. If you stick the lollipop stick and it’s able to stand, you’re good to go!

Pour the mix on the mold, and insert the acrylic stick. This can be replaced with a wood stick. I just like it to be translucent. Note: You can choose the size of your stick, mine was about 30 cm. Find something to keep the stick in place, and leave it to dry overnight.

When it’s finally dry, get it out of the mold. A tip for getting it out easily, is to spread some vaseline on the mold before pouring the cement mix. But normally this will pop out like an ice cube.

Sand the rough surfaces and edges, with a rough wetordry sandpaper (80 or 100), and move to a fine sandpaper (400, 600, 800) with water. This will give you a nice and soft finish

In your water bowl, put the cube and cover it with water. Leave it for 1-2 hours at least. This will help the concrete stregthen and minimize the appearance of cracks.

Finally, when it is dry, paint it with your acrylic paint. I used a golden paint, and painted just a third of the cube. You can paint a different design, or try with different molds!

Have fun and comment if you have questions! 🙂

diy: 5 minute stamps!

Stationery is so pretty and fun, but it can be really pricey. If you’re crafty, you’re gonna love this! It’s really simple and cheap, and perfect for journaling or decorating notes.

I made 4 in half an hour, on both sides of the eraser.


  • Plastic eraser (the cheapest, the better)
  • Wood carving tools (you can use an x acto knife or cutter instead)
  • Water markers (Crayola fine tips are fine)
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  1. Choose a design that fits on your eraser, I recommend simple shapes, especially if it’s a small one. I drew a bunch of ideas before, and filled in the shapes to picture how it would look like.
  2. Draw it with your pencil on the eraser, keep in mind that when it transfers, the shape will be mirrored.
  3. If your design is smaller than the eraser, cut it, so you can use the rest for another one.
  4. Start carving all around your shape. You want to leave the design untouched, and the rest about 3mm deep. I used the curved carving tool for the silhouette (this can be really tricky, do it slowly), and the flat for the rest, carving horizontally.
  5. Once you’re done, paint with the marker on the shape and stamp it. Fix any details you don’t like, until the stamp looks like you want it. And done!

It’s kinda hard to make a perfect shape, so don’t feel frustrated.

Note: NEVER put your fingers on the way of the blade. Keep them on the side towards you, and carve away from you, or you’ll be asking for stitches!

I used the little circle to do a pattern with different colors, and it looks like a cute washi tape, can’t wait to make a few more with other shapes!Feel free to ask any questions on the comments, and share if you make them!